Hello everyone. And I mean E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E. I have a proposition for each and every one of you to help me, but in turn to help yourself as well. How would you like to make the easiest money by doing minimal work?

I want to extend to you free cash for simply referring paying clients to me. I believe that when you have an active community working together, beautiful things can happen. Details below:

Wedding referrals: $100 cash gift

Newborn session referrals: $20 cash gift

Short session (portraits, family, etc) referrals: $10 cash gift

These are the same for referring me for photos or video. Let’s work together!!

Have your referrals mention your name and I’ll get the money to you. Referrals must be paying clients in order to get the cash gift. Only one cash gift per referred client. This offer is a limited time only so make sure to tell all your friends!

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