My main trick is to work with amazing people. It’s a long and twisty journey, and you need people that really are amazing and have this rare gift of honesty and courage and really open up.

Lucy Walker

I meet awesome people all the time. But every so often you come across an amazing individual who inspires forward change and progression to the world. They not only desire to make a difference, but actually pursue being a positive role model. That person is Rikki.

Rikki is an androgynous blogger located in Colorado promoting self acceptance, positivity, and freedom from the normal standards of beauty. Not only is she breaking down social barriers, but she also brings a fun, creative vibe wherever she goes.

Visit her site and give her some love & a follow on social media.

website: TRIKKI LIFE

instagram: @therikkigee

facebook: @Trikki.Life

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