About Me

The way I see it, a camera is a key which allows me to unlock doors and knock down barriers; to capture the inner most beauty, love, and qualities in people and to present those personalities in the best possible light.

Following the spring of 2012, I took the leap into professional photography, taking on numerous weddings and engagement shoots. Although I was having a blast taking photos of people, my true passion has been nature photography and getting lost in the great unknown. Currently located in Denver, Colorado, I have been able to fuse the two together and combine my landscape photos with the beautiful smiles from people.

Like any creative person, I find joy in evolving my style and furthering my talents. I am always up to collab with other artists and I welcome any and all opportunities which will allow me to grow. Let me know if you’d like some photos of you. Let’s get the conversation started!

You can contact me by clicking here. Hope to talk with you soon 🙂